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Watson’s Hound Lounge is truly a first class pet daycare facility. From the first meeting with Laura you can see that this is her passion and she treats the dogs as if they are her own. We spend our summers in Kelowna and we needed a place for our Portuguese Water Dog puppy to go and release some energy and socialize. We were apprehensive leaving him but the moment we walked into Watson’s it was an incredible experience for both Kobe and us. The attention to detail is incredible. Kobe is a true testament to this wonderful place as he would jump out of the car, run to the front door, greet both Laura and Watson and wait by the door to go back with his friends. When we picked him up he was a tired happy puppy. We are back in Alberta and have not found a facility that even compares to Watson’s so Kelowna pet owners are so lucky to have this place for their pets. We look forward to bringing Kobe back next summer.
— The Ducharme Family
We don’t know what we would do without Watson’s Hound Lounge! Our Portuguese Water Dog, Coco, is energetic and mischievous. A day spent at Watson’s will ensure an evening of rest after a long day of play. My husband and I work long hours and are exhausted when we get home. When Coco spends the day at Watson’s we know she has played hard and spent time with her canine friends. Thank you Laura for providing a loving and entertaining environment for our dog Coco.
— The Ams Family
Our whole family is so grateful to Watson and his team! Our very energetic Labrador Retriever needs a lot of physical and mental stimulation daily along with a lot of attention. Our household is busy, and with a toddler, we found it really hard during the hot summer days to get Frankie out for enough exercise. He was starting to act out with poor behavior, and so we increased his visits to Watson’s, and all is right in our home again! As soon as we are getting ready to leave the house in the mornings, he knows exactly where he is going, and he is so excited that he can hardly contain himself! We love that Watson’s Hound Lounge provides such a safe, fun and loving atmosphere for our guy! Frankie is such a sensitive guy, so we know that he is treated so well. He comes home at the end of the day very tired and happy, and his bad habits have disappeared! We find that our frustration level has dropped and as a result, Frankie responds to us better, and we are all happy and relaxed again! Thank you so much, Watson, Laura and the rest of the team for restoring peace and happiness in our family!
— The Stier Family
Thank you Laura and Watson. Chloe my 10 month old standard poodle pup came to me at 4 months old. Very shy and extremely timid. We started going to play time for 2 hour sessions a couple times a week, gradually working up to longer. Chloe blossomed, socializing and playing in a controlled environment has really benefited her confidence, social skills and behaviour. The staff are knowledgeable and caring. Happily give Watson’s Hound Lounge 10 out of 10.
— The Parkhurst Family
My husband and I love Watsons Hound Lounge and so does our dog Tilly. When she gets to daycare she gets so excited she can’t wait to get out of the car to play with the Watson and the other dogs. When I leave Tilly with Laura and Watson, I know she is going to be loved and well taken care of. Every opportunity I get, I recommended them. Try them - you won’t be disappointed.
— The Norman Family
I was so happy to have stumbled upon Watson’s Hound Lounge. Going back to being a full-time working ‘fur-mom’ raised a lot of issues about what to do with our dog Muddy on an on-going basis. After having researched a number of kennels in town, I just wasn’t feeling very happy about my options until I went to visit Watson’s. I immediately was impressed by the facility and the staff - just the whole ethos of the place. The hours were conducive to work (many shut too early and would have made collecting him a nightmare) and the price was absolutely on par and reasonable. I also love that there are half-day and even short drop off rates available for those odd occasional. I also love that you can have him groomed during his daycare stay, eliminating the need to squeeze another appointment into already busy days. Muddy goes to Watson’s a couple of days a week and is always happy and (happily) exhausted from his experience at the end of the day. I can’t recommend Watson’s Hound Lounge highly enough, they truly are a doggy dare care with a difference! Thanks Laura. PS Muddy has even added the word ‘Watson’ to his vocabulary. If I say the “W’-word at home in the morning his ears immediately perk up, his tail starts wagging and he gets very excited. He knows he is going to visit his buddies and is extremely happy about it. It’s too cute.
— The Lampitt-McConnachie Family
You are incredible! Thanks for providing our little girl with the love, friendship and company she needs when we can’t be with her!
— The Gabie Family
Zak loves Watsons!
— The Kenyon Family
Laura was amazing with my 2 nervous whippets. Mocha + Bella can’t wait for their next visit!
— The Wade Family
Maggie had a great day with Watson and his friends.... We can’t thank you enough! She is totally worn out... Will see you soon!
— The Butt Family
I rarely ever post a positive review because I rarely ever have a positive experience previous boarding and daycare facilities. I definitely think about posting when I have a bad experience...good experiences are rare these days. WATSON’S IS THE EXCEPTION! The first time I took my baby to Watson ... I was so relieved and so surprised when I walked to pick him up My Jasper had a huge smile and he was so excited and happy. Laura told me that everything was fine, that my dog was well behaved that he was having a great time and that all the dogs and ....we’ll, obviously something that a dog owner loves to hear...whether it was true or not (my dog is an angel so obviously it’s true) it’s exactly what dog owners worry about when they leave their dog with somebody else. I believe Laura and other employees’ positive and open attitude, make that place enjoyable and my dog wants to go every day. My dog loves her and being there so he didn’t want to leave... definitely a sign that you have found a safe and loving home away from home for your Puppy!! I have been purchasing monthly package and my dog so happy to be there every week to play with his friends and I am very appreciated the service and my baby’s wellbeing. Thanks Watson’s!
— The Kaley Family
Watson’s Hound Lounge is a great place to take your dog for exercise and fun. The staff is friendly and take time to work with behavior issues if your dog has any, Roxi’s jumping! It is a safe environment for your dog to play in. It is cool in the summer and warm in the winter so your dog is never over-heated or wet and cold. There is no wet muddy dog to put in the car! Roxi gets so excited when we drive up to the door and she can’t wait to get inside to play. She comes home a tired happy dog!
— The Schiewe Family
Four Pawed Power!
Hey pups:
Sniffin’ for some frills and thrills?
Lookin’ for comfort of the pack?
Searchin’ for safe play?
Needin’ spruce up grooming on the spot?
Settled . Join me. Guaranteed hounds of fun!
Tail waggin sport, howls of enjoyment.
It’s Watson; the “in “ lounge - the healthy haven to meet and great friends of the pack forever.
Meet me there!
— The May Family
This is fromPiper (a two year old Morkie) who did not have good doggie socializing skills when I began to participate at the Watsons Hound Lounge. Watson thanks you for your tolerance from an excitable puppy who loves to jump up at you and scratch your face; your patience is unending. Thank you wonderful staff for your, patience and genuine kindness. You have helped me develop better doggie manners, socialize with playmates and to minimize my separation anxiety. I am so excited to come and visit and have playtime and will continue to learn from the group. When I go home at the end of the day I am usually played right out which allows my mom some relaxation time. My Mom and I will say that Watson’s Hound Lounge is the best doggie day care in town.
— The Danylchuk Family
Hi, my name is Charlie. I am an exceptional, talented and happy Pom. I got to visit Watson’s Hound Lounge and enjoy the fabulous pampering they offer. Needless to say my mom was jealous that she was not getting the specialty care that I was receiving. Everyone knows what it is like to have a bad hair day and with my wonderfully long hair I was defiantly having one of those. My nails, well they were in dire need of some TLC. There is nothing worse than being yanked and pulled in all directions but here they were so gentle I could of laid there all day lapping it up. When I was done let me just say to all you other dogs out there “eat your heart out”. I was one handsome fellow. Well not to go on and on let me just say I can hardly wait till the next time. Maybe I will see you there!

The Jones Family
— The Jones Family
There are so many reasons to bring your furry family member to Watsons Hound Lounge to see Watson and Laura and ALL the staff. Our Yorkie loves her time at Watsons Hound Lounge. She races from the car to the front door and excitedly goes over to Watson to say hello and then is racing to the side door to see which of her other friends are there to play with. It is easy to see how happy she is and how comfortable she is to be left in the care of Watsons Hound Lounge. When she is not interested in staying somewhere, she is usually jumping at my legs to be picked up and not be left behind, but she has NEVER done this at Watsons. It is nice to be able to observe her at play throughout the day on the multiple video screens that Watsons Hound Lounge has available online. When we go to pick her up at the end of a full day, she races to me and is “chatting” about her time there. She is exhausted and a happy girl when she arrives home. I do not hesitate to refer others to this amazing, friendly, professional and comfortable atmosphere for any furry family members.
— The Duncan Family
We LOVE Watson’s! They make you feel so comfortable as soon as you walk in the door. It is such a large well-kept facility that allows the dogs to run all day. Every time we pick up our dog he is so exhausted that he falls asleep before I even pull out of the parking lot. We tried a few places before going to Watson’s and they are hands down the best in Kelowna, highly recommend bringing your dog to them!
— The Smith-Lahay Family
Hands down outstanding! We have no hesitation leaving our little four month old pup with Laura and her team. They are so attentive, caring and loving. When our dog Sadie hears she is going to see Watson and Laura she goes nuts with excitement, and always comes home so happy and tired after a great day playing!
— The Stewart Family
If you want your dog taken care of with lots of love, have a great time with other dogs they relate to, come home tired or you just need a great babysitter then this is the place to bring your pet!!
— The Hamer-Jackson Family
Laura and the staff are Fabulous!! I was reluctant to take my 5 pound (thinks she’s 150 pounds) pooch to any doggy daycare, but Watson’s has been a life saver. She loves it there and is pushing me out of the car as soon as we turn on to Kirshner.
— The Connor Family
Thank You!! My Ranger looks amazing; you guys did an amazing job on him. I will defiantly be back again
— The Hall Family
Watson’s Hound Lounge is our doggy daycare of choice in the Central Okanagan. Our pups are safe, loved and engaged during their visits. Grooming service is top notch too!
— The Braman Family
We recently tried out Watson’s dog grooming service and were absolutely delighted with the results! The place is spotless and the attention to detail was terrific. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this service and I’m looking forward to leaving our dogs there for some play time in that beautiful facility!
— The Tompkins
I LOVE my play dates at Watsons! It is a clean, very accommodating and safe place to socialize .My dad laughs at me when he drops me off in the morning I start vibrating with excitement upon arrival and when I return home my mom is so happy because I come into the house still clean and very content and tired. Which needless to say makes me kinda a couch potato for a few days .This is especially helpful when we do road trips to see family in Vancouver or Calgary I do not even care if we stop for pee breaks I just keep on catching my zzzzzz’s.
— The Polmear Family
We LOVE Watson’s Hound Lounge. Our dogs (Kona 10 years and Lulu 3 years) are always very excited to go there... and return happy and exhausted. Even Kona (who skips walks at times now) will jump up and go when he hears “Watson’s”. He tends to be nervous at times – but never there – sometimes he doesn’t even want to come home! They must be great with the dogs; because Kona hates getting his nails trimmed, but will let them do it at Watson’s. Laura is a wonderful owner – you can tell she loves dogs and is making sure the environment is caring, safe, fun, and healthy. Drop off and pick up is easy and takes seconds... especially when your dog’s jump out of the vehicle and run to the door! Kona & Lulu go once a week to make my life easier – a good puppy is a tired puppy! Thanks to Laura, Watson, and the gang who work there, for providing this great service.
— The Tereposky-Duncan Family
We can’t say enough about the wonderful doggie daycare Watson’s Hound Lounge provides to our furry friends. Our pup, Harley, is always so excited when she knows she is going to visit Watson. Seriously until she started going to Watson’s she wouldn’t jump in the car, we had to lift her in every time. Now all we have to say is “do you want to go visit Watson” and in she goes! We have never seen her be so excited about going to any other “doggie daycare” before. When we drop her off, she looks at us as if she were saying “bye, see you later…I’m going to play now”. When Harley had an injury due to sore paws, Laura came up with the idea of putting doggy booties on her so she could still attend and play. She supplied the booties and got them on Harley, how we don’t know but Harley didn’t seem to mind. Laura even sent us a video showing what a great time Harley was having playing in her booties We really like the fact that you can tune in and see how our pup is doing through their online webcams. Watson’s Hound Lounge is a great, clean indoor facility which keeps our furry friends out of the elements. At the end of the day, we have a very tired, happy and clean dog. We highly recommend Watson’s Hound Lounge to anyone looking for wonderful doggie daycare!
— The Semeniuk Family
It is just a pleasure to bring my Teddi to your Hound Lounge. We are always greeted with a big smile from Laura; she must be the BEST MASTER! Teddi is thrilled to see her and so excited I can barely contain him. I am so happy to have a place that I can bring my dog to and have peace of mind knowing he is having fun.
— The Zimmer Family
Hi there, my name is Freddy, I am a Boston Terrier/French Bulldog cross. Besides being the cutest puppy at Daycare I am also the luckiest because my Mom takes me to Watson’s Hound Lounge when she is at work. I get to play with my friends, splash in the pool on hot days, and cuddle with Laura and the staff. Sometimes my Mom really splurges and lets me get a bath and my nails done by Megan. When my Mom picks me after a day at Watson’s I am tired and content which makes my Mom feel a whole lot better about not being with me. I wish all dogs were as lucky as I am and could spend some time at Watson’s Hound Lounge, for sure you would be a lot happier because you would never be alone and you would never be bored. My Mom says the best thing about taking me there is that she knows I am safe and loved. Thank you Watson, for sharing your mom and your place with me and my friends!!
— The LeDuc Family
Love love love taking both of our dogs to Watsons!!! They come home tired for days. Highly recommended :)
— The Van Der Lee Family
We tried at least 6 other groomers in Kelowna and couldn’t find one that our little Jaxon (a Yorkie) liked. He would cry, shake, and become so clingy when normally he’s such a confident little guy. Once home, he would hide for days. When a friend told us about Watson’s, we were nervous to try yet another place - but Jaxon loves it here! He is so excited when we get close, and is so proud when he leaves! We have received fantastic service - we don’t even need to remind them how we like him groomed! I’m so happy that we found Watson’s, and wouldn’t consider going anywhere else! Thanks guys!
— The Chartrand Family
Thank you to the entire staff. I recommend you to EVERYONE!!!! Arty loves going to Watson’s!
— The Aubrey Family
Dove loves it at Watson’s! Laura goes out of her way to make sure dogs are cared for. Great rates and grooming service as well! Thanks guys!
— The Finley Family
Best cut Abby has ever had! Thank you so much for her spa day! Looking forward to her visit with you all on Monday! Great job Watson’s! The best cut Abby has had! Great facility, Abby is looking forward to her first daycare day. Thank you. Great facility, friendly atmosphere, great spa!
— The Vanstone Family


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