Great Vision. Great Team.  — We are passionately committed to excellence and our team is the force behind our sucess.

Meghan Crosson, Groomer & Pack Leader

Meghan is our fabulous Groomer and spends the majority of her time papmering your pup in our relaxing spa!  She has been with Watson's since March 2014.  Prior to joining Watson's she completed her Grooming Certification and then worked as a full time groomer at another local shop.  Meghan also has fun playing with the dogs in the daycare and you will also see her helping out during drop off and pick up times! Five things about Meghan: 

1- Has been playing competitive paintball for the past 9 years
2- Is an avid car enthusiast
3- Has had celiac disease her whole life
4- Her new passion is being a dog handler at dog shows
5- Loves to watch documentaries

Kelsey Denboer, Assistant Manager 

Meet Kelsey! She started with us in January part time, while she is completing her Veterinarian Hospital Assistant program at CATO.  Here are a few things about her! 

1-Originally from Medicine Hat AB. 
2-Danced competitive ballet till I was 18.
3-Favorite breed of dog is a Shiba Inu. 
4-Allergic to all nuts. 
5-Have a cat named Taco.

Paige Urekar, Pack Leader

Meet Paige! She started at Watson's in March part-time and is completing the Veterinarian Assistant program at VCC. Here's 5 things about her! 

1. Japan is the one place I want to travel to one day
2. I love horror and comedy movies
3. I have two dogs a westie & biewer terrier
4. I hate mice and wasps
5. Love Hawaiian pizza and honey garlic wings