New Clients:

We are always excited to welcome new friends at Watson's! If you are new to our facility, please see below for what you need to know for your first day.

  1. Rules & Regulations - Please review Here
  2. Register Online: - Please register with us ahead of time Here
  3. Vaccine Records: - Please email or bring a copy of your dogs current vaccines showing they have had the Parvo and Distemper vaccine. We recommend but do not require Rabies and Bordatella. We accept a current Titers test as well.
  4. Puppies – Puppies can attend our daycare once they have had their second set of shots from the vet, this is usually around 12 weeks. Puppies should know their names and basic manners.
  5. Booking Daycare – All dogs must be in by 12:30pm to ensure a good afternoon of play. Presently pre-booking is not required. Once you have registered online, you are able to prebook daycare.
  6. Booking Grooming - Once you have registered online, please phone 778-484-4479 or email to book a grooming appointment. 
  7. Lunch - If your dog requires lunch, please bring the food with them.  We will feed them if they are staying for the day. We don't give treats on the floor.  If your dog is staying for the day we will give them treats that you provide when they have their rest. We have lots of dog bowls, so you wouldn't need to bring those.
  8. Introductions - All new dogs will be introduced slowly into a group to ensure it is not overwhelming or stressful for them on their first day.
  9. Assessment & Evaluation - All new dogs undergo an assessment and evaluation during their first days of play to ensure our open play environment is a good fit for them.  If dogs are showing signs of aggression, reactivity or stress they will be asked to leave for their safety as well as the safety of the existing dogs and the staff.
  10. First Day - How long your dog stays on their first day is up to you. If it works for your schedule to have them come for two hours that is great.  We also have half days which is up to five hours or they can do a full day.  Whichever you are most comfortable with.
  11. Hours of Operation:
    • Monday to Friday 7:30AM - 5:30PM
    • Saturday 9:00AM - 5:00PM
    • Closed Sundays & Holidays
    • We do not offer early drop off or late pick ups.
  12. Payment – We accept cash, credit and debit. Payment can be made upon drop off or pick up of your dog. All services and products must be paid in full at the time of purchase. No accounts will be made for products or services rendered so if you are having someone drop off or pick up your dog for you we ask you arrange payment ahead of time.
  13. Pricing – please visit the Dog Daycare page for Pricing