Facility Rental 

Rate: $65 per evening GST Included.

Access to facility 6 pm pm to 10 pm on designated evening.  Please respect our daycare operations do not always end exactly at 5:30 pm. Anyone arriving before 6 pm will be ask to wait outside.

Payment in full is required prior to first night of rental.  For example, if you would like to book Wednesday evening for a six week training class, we would require the six nights payment in full.  We accept cash, debit and credit.

$100 Deposit, refundable.

Deposit will not be refunded if:

  • Heat is not returned to specified settings

  • Lights are left on

  • Any of the three exterior door are left unlocked

  • Key is lost and locks have to be replaced

  • Failure to clean up indoor floor of treats, urine or waste

Proof of Insurance is required - Watson's Hound Lounge Corp. is not responsible or liable for persons or dogs using the facility.

For the safety of our four legged guests we use limited sidewalk salt in the rear secure outdoor space.  Therefore, for canine and human safety please limit human outside activity during the snowy and icy weather.


  • Must clean up all messes (pee, poo, treats, dirt, etc.)

  • All lights and heat must be turned off at end of evening

  • All doors must be locked and secured up exit

  • Must sign Facility Rental Agreement and Key Agreement

  • Equipment can not be stored at Watson's unless pre-approved by Laura Vigar. Equipment rental space fee would apply

  • Watson's Hound Lounge Corp. will not be responsible for marketing or referring clients to training classes

  • All rental inquires must be approved by Laura Vigar before use


  • Tuesday & Thursday Evenings

  • Sundays

Please email Kelsey at info@watsonshoundlounge.com if you are interested in renting our facility.