Our Pool

Our 12ft x 22ft pool is specially designed for canine use with an easily accessible ramp, and a single depth of 4’. The pool is heated to optimum temperature to aid in rehabilitation as it helps relaxation and assists blood flow to injured areas. It also helps reduce muscle spasms and improves dog’s range of motion.

You can watch your dog swim from the viewing area in the pool or on the t.v. located in our canine fitness  area via our wireless camera system.

Pool Rules

If your dog has any cuts or sores please notify us before the swim.

Please make sure that your dogs nails are trimmed and that your dog has been to the bathroom before getting into the pool.

Cancellation Policy: Should you need to cancel or change your scheduled time, please let us know at least 24 hours in advance so we can fill your spot.  Late cancellations are subject to the session charge.

Please Note

We are not a veterinary facility, and cannot diagnose any issues.  Participants require a completed Veterinary Remark Form prior to the first swim to determine that your dog has no contraindications to swimming, and to identify any precautions for swimming.

All participants must complete a Client Information and Release Form.